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Review Discount Program

Review Discount Program

Communication in business is important. We need to know what our customers want and need in order to serve them as best we can.

We realise that everyone communicates differently. That’s why we already offer a host of different ways to get in touch with Ausrecord staff. In fact, you could open a chat right now just to let us know that you’re reading this post if you really wanted to.

However, the internet can be an impersonal place. People land on a page, they do what they need to do and then they leave. This is understandable, but we believe that an open dialogue between a company and its customers is important. We want to do the very best for our customers, and to do that we need to know what they think of every aspect of their experience with us. Did they feel welcomed? Did their product work as intended? Did anything about their experience surprise them?

It is for this reason that Ausrecord is proud to offer a feedback discount program to our online customers. We believe that feedback from our customers (whether positive or negative) is an invaluable tool to show us where we’re doing well, and where things could use improvement.

Simply leave a review for any product that you have purchased on to receive a 10% discount off your next order (please note that these discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons and cannot be applied to items that are already on-sale).

That’s right! Any review, whether positive or negative, could save your 10% off your next order. We really do want to know what you think so that we can be the best that we can be.

To get started, simply navigate to the page for the product that you would like to review, scroll down and click the ‘reviews’ tab. Then give the product a star rating, type your review into the box marked ‘your review’. When you’re done, click ‘submit’ and viola. Your discount code will be emailed to you in the next few moments.

Finally, in the spirit of open communication, if you have any questions regarding this program whatsoever feel free to email us, open a live chat, or leave a comment below.

Happy shopping!

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