Narrow Hand Pallet Jack

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Right now, all over the world, pallet jacks are being used to move goods. Narrow Hand Pallet Jacks are especially useful for loading or unloading goods in tight spaces, such as inside shipping containers, trucks and cool rooms.

Pallet Trolleys are a staple in warehousing and logistics operations because they are simple, economical and reliable. Every warehouse should have one.

Ausrecord Narrow Hand Pallet Jacks have a 2500kg lifting capacity and use Polyurethane wheels, as opposed to the Nylon wheels on some other pallet jacks. Poly wheels are gentler on floors and reduce the chances of marking or scratching. This means that your jack can glide easily through your showroom or over a mezzanine just as easily as on the concrete floor of your warehouse.

  • 2500kg capacity
  • 200mm lift height with pneumatic lift
  • The gap between forks is 230mm
  • The total width of the pallet jack is 550mm
  • Polyurethane wheels


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