Out Guides – Orange (Pack of 25)

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When someone takes a file out of your system, how do you know where that file went?

Out Guides let other users know who booked out a given file, where that file can be found in the meantime, and when it should be back. Making this a mandatory process whenever files are removed from a system stops information from going missing and helps to keep your system organised. Most commonly, officers will record the date, file number and their initials in order to assist other officers in locating the file

Out guides can be used with any system, but are designed for use with our standard foolscap files and our standard 400mm deep shelving.

Sold in packs of 25 foolscap guide cards. Our out guides are 408mm long including the 10mm tab.

If you need to store documents whilst waiting for a file to be returned, you may wish to consider our Out Guide Pockets.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 408 × 10 × 240 mm


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