Steel bookshelf RUT shelving

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What are the advantages of static shelving?

Static shelving (a.k.a. free standing shelving) is a robust and economical solution to your storage needs. This is our flagship system, and is designed to work at any scale, from the home office to industrial applications.

All of our shelving uses solid-steel uprights, backing plates and adjustable shelves. These high durability components come together to produce a final product which is rock-solid, yet aesthetically appealing and easy to use.

Will it suit my needs?

Available in a variety of sizes, colours and configurations; this system can suit almost any need. With bays of up to 2.3m high 1.2m wide and the ability to add as many bays as you like, you’ll never run out of storage space again.

How can I get some?

Contact us and let us know what you require. We can discuss the best solution, and our experienced team will even install your shelving for you. We are committed to helping you save time and maximise your space.


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