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Get 5% off when you buy 5 packs of tube clips or more. 10% off orders of 10 packs or more.

Tube clips make your file-folders work like ring binders, and in large filing systems this provides a huge cost-saving. They prevent paperwork from falling out and keep the contents in your chosen order. They also keep your paperwork flat when you close your file, which makes it easier to handle.

To use, simply feed the two tubes through the holes in your punched papers. Next, slide the flat plate over the tubes. Now wind the tubes under the raised tabs on the pressure plate. Finally, slide the top U-piece into the tubes. Your papers are now safely locked in place.

These clips attach to any file-folder. In fact they can be attached to just about anything. Other great use-cases for tube clips include clipboards or notice boards.

Sold in sets that include 100 adhesive bases, 100 plates and 100 U-pieces, or as separate lots of 100 tops or bases.

Additional information

Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 150 × 50 × 2 mm

Tube clip (bases only), LP Tube Clips Set (base & top), LP Tube Clips (Top Only), Traditional Tube Clips Set (base & top), Traditional Tube Clips (Top Only)


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