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About Us (and what we can do for you)

A place for everything, and everything in its place

Variously attributed to Samuel Smiles, Mrs Isabella Beeton and Benjamin Franklin

It’s an old idea, but a powerful one. Being organised. Finishing that to-do list, getting to the gym, buying all of those birthday presents years in advance – it certainly would be nice. Unfortunately, we can’t make anyone into a more organised human being. What we can do, and what we aim to do is to organise everything else.

Ausrecord opened its doors in 1994 with the goal of turning frustrating piles of paperwork into clearly-indexed filing systems and we’ve been doing just that ever since. We don’t just want to organise paperwork, though. We want to help you to de-clutter your space and feel more organised at your workplace and in your home.

Alphabetical colour coded filing system
Colour coded labelling makes your paperwork easier to find

Whether it’s the stack of papers on your desk or the drawer full of receipts you’ve been trying to ignore until tax time, there’s probably something in your office that needs to be sorted, organised or stored, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In the end, what we want to offer you is simple: A place for everything and the great feeling that comes with having everything in its place.

Perhaps you’re not a neat-freak like me, who just wants everything to be organised. In that case, consider the fact that a disorganised space can adversely affect concentration, cognition and mental health (never mind the fact that it makes it harder to get things done) and then think about how many minutes of lost productivity that adds up to across a team or company.

An organised space is more efficient and looks professional, but above all it just feels better. It really is that simple.

ausrecord 21 o'malley street osborne park interior tambours
Your stack of paperwork, cleverly disguised as an organised filing system

So, whether it’s the paperwork in your home office, the stock in your warehouse, or those boxes in your garage, let us help you to organize your home or workplace with our range of discount office supplies, file cabinets, new or second-hand shelving and more.

If you’d like to know more about Ausrecord and which of our organisational products might be right for you, feel free to contact us by either filling our this form, sending us an email at or giving us a call on 1800 355 610.