About Us

Ausrecord has been Perth’s premier filing, shelving, racking and office organization specialists since 1994. Over the years we have helped our clients to keep their offices and warehouses organised.

We have worked with a large range of organizations Australia-wide, from small businesses to government departments, but recently we have become determined to bring our products and services to everybody. We hope that by making our products easy to access via this website, we can help more Australians save time and money by making document management easy. We hope that you enjoy using Ausrecord.com, and look out for our exclusive online-only bulk discounts and special offers.

We’re always excited to improve our products and services, so if you have any feedback at all please contact us.

What we do.

Since 1994, Ausrecord has sought to help organizations of all sizes keep their records and stock organized. By making it easier to find the right file or pallet, you save time, effort and money.

Who we are.

Ausrecord is a family owned and proudly Australian business. We put our customers first, are committed to the belief that communication is key. By keeping most of our business in-house, we are able to ensure a high level of customer service and care.

Colour coded labelling makes your filing system easier to use.
Colour coded labelling makes your filing system easier to use.

Indexed, colour coded, organized.

No matter the records you keep, we aim to make your filing system easy to use and understand. Our colour coded files can help break your system down into smaller, easier to handle sections.

Large, vibrant labels make your records easier to find and file. Most importantly, you can choose whichever combination you prefer. This means that you can customise your filing system to suit your needs.

If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch and our friendly team can help design a system for you. We can even send the files out with the labels pre-attached.

ausrecord mobile shelving compactafile compact@file unit with ezi-drive mechanically assisted drive
Ausrecord’s compact@file unit is just one of our innovative storage solutions.

Save space, store more.

Throughout our history, we have carefully designed a wide range of storage products which help you to maximise your available space whether you work in a warehouse, home office or government department. Our robust warehouse racking and static shelving take advantage of height, creating storage where there was none before. Our mobile shelving units slide together when not in use, allowing you to have one access aisle no matter how large your filing system. The bigger the system, the more space you save.

We also offer a large range of cabinets, including tambour (sliding) door units.

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