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2020 and the road ahead

The road ahead

Dear customers, please be aware that as of January 2020, Ausrecord has vacated our brick-and-mortar premises located at 21 O’Malley Street in Osborne Park WA 6017.

In line with market and industry trends, we have taken the step of becoming an online-only retailer. Our postal address is now PO Box 1047, Innaloo WA 6918.

The majority of our details remain unchanged. You will still be able to contact us over the phone, on either 1800 355 610 or (08) 9478 3322. Our primary email address remains, and our web address ( has not changed. We will even be keeping our fax number of (08) 9478 5428.

Likewise, our banking details remain the same. Please refer to your invoice for details.

Change is seldom easy, and this decision has not been made lightly. Whilst we understand that this may take some adjusting to, we believe that this is a step forward, which will allow us to focus on providing the best possible service to our loyal customers.

Please continue to contact us and place orders using your preferred method. We have retained a fulfillment center within the Perth metropolitan area and continue to strive to provide our Perth customers with next-day delivery. You are still welcome to meet with us in person, we simply ask that you contact us to confirm a location and time.

As always, have a fantastic day and if we can assist with anything at all, just let us know.

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Less noise, more signal

ausrecord social media meaningful conversations quality not quantity

Social media is a great way for businesses to establish relationships with customers, have meaningful conversations and provide the all-important feedback that is vital for providing the high level of customer experience that we feel everybody who gives us a try deserves.

Unfortunately, this becomes more difficult when social feeds become cluttered, and customers struggle to wade through everything to find the information that they really want or need.

We’re taking this to heart and as of today, we will no longer be posting updates for every new product that we add to our range to our social media feeds (even though we still think they’re pretty great and people should know about them).

We will instead stick to publishing updates to our product range via our online store, our eBay store, and the shopping tab of our Facebook page (you can also find us using the shopping tab on Google). So if you’d like to browse the range, that’s where you can find it.

Our main feeds on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube and Twitter will be reserved for communicating with our valued customers, important news and updates, product tutorials and perhaps the occasional breath-taking photo of our products (and maybe some puppies, everybody like puppies).