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Another person’s treasure

wall mounted vertical pallet garden

We have a stack of old pallets that need to go, and we’re giving them away to our followers! Just because they’re no longer suitable for storing our products doesn’t mean that they couldn’t find a new home in somebody’s backyard as a vertical garden, or even as furniture!

Get in touch and let us know what you’d like to use these for. We’ve got a stack to give away, but we want to prioritize the most artistic ideas, so comment away or feel free to send us a message.

Also be sure to check out our newest brand on offer, Planet Ark. Planet Ark’s new 100% recycled paper is high quality, and an affordable way to make sure that every page you print is helping the environment instead of hurting it.

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Less noise, more signal

ausrecord social media meaningful conversations quality not quantity

Social media is a great way for businesses to establish relationships with customers, have meaningful conversations and provide the all-important feedback that is vital for providing the high level of customer experience that we feel everybody who gives us a try deserves.

Unfortunately, this becomes more difficult when social feeds become cluttered, and customers struggle to wade through everything to find the information that they really want or need.

We’re taking this to heart and as of today, we will no longer be posting updates for every new product that we add to our range to our social media feeds (even though we still think they’re pretty great and people should know about them).

We will instead stick to publishing updates to our product range via our online store, our eBay store, and the shopping tab of our Facebook page (you can also find us using the shopping tab on Google). So if you’d like to browse the range, that’s where you can find it.

Our main feeds on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube and Twitter will be reserved for communicating with our valued customers, important news and updates, product tutorials and perhaps the occasional breath-taking photo of our products (and maybe some puppies, everybody like puppies).

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Log into with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn now supports logging in/signing up with your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. Simply visit the ‘Log In‘ page and click on any of the social media icons to log in or sign up quickly and easily. Have another service you’d like us to add? Feel free to contact us and let us know.

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Order Your Way

We hope you’re enjoying using our online store, but we thought you should know that we’re still more than happy to receive orders via email, phone or even fax. Whichever way you prefer to order is our favourite way, too. Whilst the online store does allow customers to view their previous orders for easier re-ordering, we understand that sometimes email or phone is just more convenient. So, if you’d like to order via email, go ahead and let us know at, and if phone is your thing, call us on 1800 355 610. You could even order via the live-chat on our website, if you really wanted to.

We should also mention that we love feedback, as it helps us to give you the best possible experience. So if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to send them through using any of the methods above.

As always, thank you for your time and have a great day.

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Our files, your colours

File and colour swatch
You might already know that colour-coding is core to our filing system, but you may not be aware that we offer custom printing services for clients all over Australia. Do you like our files, but would prefer them in your brand colours? Let us know! We offer affordable custom-printed files in any colour of the rainbow (or, more specifically CMYK and Pantone+ colour gamuts). Contact us for more information or a quote.
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Shipping that works for you

Shipping guarantee banner

Our list of delivery locations is always expanding, and so is the list of products that we offer. This can sometimes make pricing shipping difficult, as sending a filing cabinet interstate is very different to posting some labels down the road. When you arrive at the cart, our website will do its best to calculate a shipping fee that matches your order. However, the process is not perfect and sometimes the results can be… unexpected.

If this happens to you, let us know. Once we know what you would like to order and where it’s going, we will be able to arrange shipping for you manually and update the website so that next time the correct shipping fee will be calculated automatically.