What does ‘2D’ mean?

2D files on shelf with large colour coded labels.

2D files on shelf with large colour coded labels.

Ausrecord 2D files

‘2D’ means that the file comes with Ausrecord’s patented 2D indexing tab. This is the piece of the file which faces out from the shelf, where labels can be attached. This is important as Ausrecord’s large, easy to see labels mean that you can easily find the right 2D file from across the room.

This a major advantage over older systems such as suspension filing, which do not easily allow for large, clear labelling. As a result, finding the right suspension file can be frustrating and require a lengthy search through countless small, hand-written tags. We believe that this is time that could be better spent doing just about anything, so we have created the 2D file to save you that time.

What do ‘full size’ and ‘half size’ mean?

Many of Ausrecords labels come in full size and half size varieties, allowing you to customise your indexing system.

Many of Ausrecords labels come in full size and half size varieties, allowing you to customise your indexing system.

Our full size labels are designed to be large and easy to see. However, the drawback to this is that you can only fit a given amount onto the spines of your files (9 in the case of a standard 2D foolscap file).

For situations where you need to fit more labels onto your files, or if you simply need to differentiate some of your labels, our half-size labels are (you guessed it) half the height of our full-size labels. Your files will still be easy to find, and you will be able to add twice the amount of detail.

I need to relocate my filing system. Can Ausrecord help?


Ausrecord specialises in relocating all types of filing filing systems, whether mobile or static. This means that when you relocate your business, your Ausrecord COMPACT@FILE, Dexion Compactus, APC Aislesaver or Brownbuilt Maxtor can go with you.

Not only can we relocate your existing unit, we can compliment it with additional sections to better suit your new space, maximising your office efficiency. Contact us for a quote today.

Why Use a Colour Coded Filing System?

Finding the right file in a maze of others just like it can be a daunting task. That’s why Ausrecord has developed a wide range of colour coded filing products. Colour coding allows you to split your filing system into smaller sections, and then find those sections at a glance. This makes finding the right file quicker and easier, improving efficiency and most importantly making filing easier. It even helps to prevent misfiling.

From files to labels of every kind, our colour coded filing products help you to save time, space and money. Coloured flap and spine files allow you to create categories. Vibrant alphabetical and numbered labels make sure you can easily find the right file. And if that’s not enough, our printed Index labels let you add clearly printed names and dates to your files. We even sell coloured Index labels, so that you can create subcategories or give your plain white files some life.